Topic 4 Your basic human needs

All individuals have three basic needs; Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness. Each of these basic needs drive an individual to grow and gain fulfillment in their lives.

1.Autonomy allows people to feel a sense of belonging to a community and gain friendships. The need for autononmy helps individuals to gain knowledge and live in harmony in their lives.

2.Competence is an essential trait to the wellness of humans. When individuals take on new challenges, they learn new skills. By practicing these skills overtime, we become experts and masters in their field. Having competences allows us to be effective in our lives.

3.Relatedness allows us to feel that we are needed and that we matter in the lives of others. By supporting and providing for others, we feel more connected to the world around us. Relatedness allows us to feel that we belong to the world around us.

People who have high levels of self-determination are able to own up to their errors and faults. They have the ability to take ownership for their actions and can correct errors that they may have made in their lives.

On the other hand, people with low levels of self-determination often find blame in others. They find it hard to admit their errors and make excuses and blame others when they can. As they often do not recognise that they may have caused a problem, they find it challenging to fix the problem.

People with low levels of self-esteem often feel that they are not connected to their community, or that they matter in the lives of others. To help improve your self-determination and improve your self-esteem, you can:

  • Provide meaningful feedback to those around you. Support others and offer words of encouragement;

  • Be driven to achieve your personal goals by setting realistic and time-bound challenges for yourself.

  • Seek positive conversations and connections with others.