Topic 4 Stereotypes, discrimination and sigma

Stigma is interrelated with other terms: stereotypes, prejudice & discrimination


Negative, disrespectful attitude towards a group of people


Agreement with stereotype leading to negative emotion


Subsequent behaviors resulting in loss of rightful opportunity


They are…

  • Dangerous
  • Unpredictable
  • Incompetent


That’s right. They are…

  • Dangerous and I fear them
  • Unpredictable and I don’t trust them
  • Incompetent and I am angry at them


  • Employers don’t hire them
  • Landlords don’t rent to them
  • Providers offer services of lower quality

There are three types of stigma:

Public stigma:

Others agree with stereotype (prejudice), react emotionally (prejudice), and withhold opportunities. Even more troubling is when stigma comes from people of authority e.g. employers, landlords, health care providers

Self stigma:

Person e.g. with a specific health condition internalizes stereotypes and diminishes sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy (prejudice) leading to “why try” effect (discrimination)

Institutional stigma:

Policies of government and private organizations that intentionally or unintentionally limit opportunities