Topic 3 Confident decision-making

During our day, we make a lot of decisions; from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to how we spend our money.  Some of the decisions that we make are easy, and some of them are more challenging.

Depending on whether we have low self-esteem, heathy self-esteem, or excessive self-esteem, we might find it easier or harder to make a decision.

Being confident and having healthy self-esteem is important when trying to make decisions. Confident decision making helps us to reduce any anxiety or stress that we may face in our lives. 

Helpful tips for confident decision-making​

Here are some strategies for making confident decisions in your life:

  1. Don’t assume: when you don’t assume that you have all the answers, you allow yourself to seek input from other people
  2. Suspend judgment: confident decision-making require that you gain new perspectives and manage your known biases
  3. Create alternatives: sometimes things don’t go as planned, be creative and think of alternatives options available to you
  4. Remain objective: before you make a decision, try to get all of the information you need so that you can remain objective
  1. Release attachment:Be aware of possibilities but don’t get overly attached to them as there are many unknowns in life
  2. Use your intuition: sometimes when our self-esteem is low, we tend not totrust our instincts. In certain circumstances you are the best person to make a decision in your own life
  3. Take responsibility:No matter what decision you make you should own it andbe responsible for the final decision.
  4. Evaluate decisions: look back on previous decisionsyou have made and decide if they worked out as planned or if faced with the same situation again – would you make the same decision. 

Video on self-esteem and decision making​