Topic 3 Real life example

Imagine a scenario where you have to manage a conflict situation. Think about possible solutions.

Alex is a 35 years old appreciated cook of a prestigious restaurant in Palermo. When he was 19 he was accused of a crime for which he spent 3 years in jail; during that time, he had the opportunity to study, he was engaged in different activities, thanks to which he learnt different skills. One of the skill developed was the ability to cook. When he went out of jail, he created a curriculum vitae and he started to apply for different seasonal jobs as cook or cook assistant but he got rejected. A sense of frustration was invading him, because he was aware about his competences, but he didn’t know how to show them, he didn’t have money to survive and he was really worried about his future.

He decided to offer his help in a solidarity kitchen managed by a German association and they recognized since the first moment his talent. The coordinator of the project offered him a job contract in Germany, as the main cook of the same project in Munich. He was a bit anxious about the language issues but not having any other offer he decided to accept it. Since then, he became a well recognized cook, activist and after 7 years living there he decided to find a way to be back in his hometown. Thanks to the experience gathered now he has a great job, living in his city and planning to open his restaurant in about 5 years.

A conflict is not positive nor negative!

The Active Listening and communication skills are key skills that help to prevent, to contrast and to solve a conflict situation!

Conflict can be transformed into creativity!