Topic 3 Real life example

Alex is now a 35 years old appreciated cook of a prestigious restaurant in Palermo.

At 19 he spent 3 years in jail.

  • Where he had the opportunity to study cooking. After jail, he applied for seasonal jobs and got rejected multiple times.
  • He was frustrated: He was aware about his competences, he didn’t know how to show them


What do you think he did? Before moving to the next slide, try to imagine a possible solution to his problems

…He was creative, brave and assertive!

He offers his help in a solidarity kitchen managed by a German association

He got a job contract in Germany (he was a bit anxious about the language issues but not having any other offer he decided to accept it)

After 7 years living there he decided to find a way to be back in his hometown.

Thanks to the experience gathered now

  • he has a great job in his city 
  • he is planning to open his own restaurant in about 5 years

A conflict is not positive nor negative!

The Active Listening and communication skills are key skills that help to prevent, to contrast and to solve a conflict situation!

Conflict can be transformed into creativity!