Topic 3 Organizational conflict

Organisational Conflict or otherwise known as workplace conflict refers to the state of disagreement or misunderstanding, resulting from the actual or perceived different needs, beliefs, resources and relationship between the members of an organization. At the workplace, whenever, two or more persons interact, conflict occurs when opinions with respect to any task or decision are in contradiction.

Intra organisational conflict is related to the conflict between different levels of an organisation (horizontal is the conflict among employees or departments at the same level of the hierarchy; vertical is the conflict between employee and employer or any other person in an higher level of the hierarchy of the organisation).

You think that having at least 3 breaks per day makes you more productive, while your employer thinks that it makes you less productive. During your work shift you had an accident because you were tired and the employer is worried about your situation and the consequences for the enterprise.

Inter organisational conflict is related to the conflict between different organisations. There are different types of this conflict: the one between organisations having similar goals, regulated by organisational rules and the one between organisations and government/administrative agencies, regulated by State laws.

The State imposes a minimum wage of X euros, the enterprise where you work for pays you less than that amount. You ask to reach at least the minimum wage but your employer disagree. One day the finance police checks if your enterprise respects all the rules and they discover that you are paid less than the law provides. They make a fine to your employer and he raised your payment afterwards.

Recommendations for ORGANISATIONS: to...

Be fair

Organise face-to-face confrontation moments

Give and receive feedback from and to the teamwork

Assess your performance based on the effort of the teamwork

Try to find out the solution that works best for more organisations

Listen the organisation’s needs

Levels of Conflict