Topic 3 How to provide feedback within the team

Providing feedback to peers means that you would like to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your relationship. We can also define feedback as constructive criticism in developing areas. It is helpful and gives recommendations on how to improve in different areas. Below you can see more reasons on why to give feedback:

Open communication

Opportunity to improve

Solve problems

Increase productivity

Improve workplace culture

Increase motivation

Here you can find some tips for giving feedback to peers.

Provide feedback to improve work quality

Participate in the review process

Have good relationships with coworkers in order for them to accept constructive feedback

Be careful on how you provide feedback, so it’s not perceived as subjective

Provide some examples of feedback to avoid overwhelming

Be respectful and remind your colleague that your suggestions are for their benefit

Ensure that your recommendations for improvement are feasible

Self-reflection. The following activity is designed to help participants reflect on their development and record their feelings about working in a team.

  • Question : How do you feel working in a team?
  • Outcome: Participants will recognize their strengths and weaknesses in relation to teamwork and their teammates.