Topic 5 Different Dimensions of ICTs Use by Former Prisoners

As technology has integrated in every aspect of life, digital education for former prisoners seems to be necessary.

Why education on ICTs is beneficial for former prisoners?

  • Former prisoners will be equipped with the necessary skills required by the jobs of all scales (either high-paid or low-paid jobs).
  • Former prisoners will develop the skills acquired to increase their employment and income opportunities.
  • Even during the confinement regime period, prisoners and inmates can exploit digital technology to empower their knowledges and education and prepare themselves for their release.
  • Former prisoners will have access to higher education and new training opportunities.

Digital technologies can assist in the rehabilitation of former prisoners. Former prisoners, who are digitally literate, have more opportunities to re-enter society successfully and to be socially active.

Consequently, the use of ICTs and the acquirement of digital competences improve the personal and the professional life of a former prisoner.


Digital literacy enables former prisoners to attend a significant number of customizable rehabilitation programs or earn a degree from an online training program/ bachelor (BSc) from a college etc. Nowadays, a variety of training opportunities are offered through blended/ hybrid or even distant/ online learning. Blended and online learning provide greater flexibility, self-paced learning and cost elimination.

Social life and interaction

Former prisoners often face difficulties in their social reintegration and barriers in their interpersonal relationships, mainly due to the stigma that surrounds a former convict. New technologies can significantly boost their social life. Internet and, consequently, social media, as an incubator of communities and public expression spaces, offer significant possibilities for human interaction to all individuals, including those who experience health or mobility problems.


Most of former prisoners consider that employment is a prerequisite in order to restore self-confidence and self-sufficiency. A new contemporary rule indicates that all employees should possess at least basic computer skills. Former prisoners are not excluded from this rule.

Digital skills are required in all professional occupations.