Topic 2 Reducing Recidivism through Digital Education: an Acknowledgment for Recidivism

Digital literacy will reduce recidivism in the long term. The upgrading of these people education especially when it comes to their acquaintance with virtual and digital world seems to reduce the recidivism percentages and increase the employment rates.

In broad terms, these are the direct and indirect benefits of digital literacy that are closely linked to the recidivism reduction: 

  • having technological equipment of education supporting their rehabilitation education, released prisoners can increase their chances of obtaining a better degree,
  • improvement of their potential for employability upon release,
  • competing for decently paid jobs and escaping the risk of poverty after release and re-incarceration cycle,
  • reduction of the prisonisation impact during the confinement regime and mostly after their release,
  • prevention of the “prison culture” adoption.

Prisonisation: a process of socialization through which inmates took on negative values and norms characteristic of prison life to the detriment of socially accepted behaviors and norms.