Topic 2 The Need of Revitalising the Rehabilitation Education

Putting tandhe lens in the digital education, it is required to introduce and establish new policies actions on several upgrading:


strategy and leadership

teacher skills

learner skills

content and curricula

Reinforcing and boosting the rehabilitation curriculum

According to the Council of Europe Recommendation on Education in Prison, it is of high importance for former prisoners to be provided with a broad curriculum during imprisonment, as it seems to define and prevent the reoffending.

This curriculum, as national and European data indicate, must also penetrate in the following thematic fields:

  • soft skills (communication, creativity, adaptability, etc.),
  • digital skills,
  • project management skills.

Common risk factors of Recidivism

Modifiable/ dynamic risk factors

  • Poverty – employment problems
  • Association with antisocial peers
  • Substanhealthce misuse
  • Mental needs
  • Marital status

Unmodifiable/ static risk factors

  • Younger age
  • Antisocial personality pattern
  • Prior criminal history
  • Educational background and educational constraints