Topic 2 Factors (internal and external) that impact on our self-esteem

As you might expect and as we have learned, self-esteem is complex and there are many factors that contribute to it, whether positively or negatively, internal or external to us. Consider the following list and begin to tick of those that apply to you:

Commitment to a spouse and parental role are positively linked to self-esteem ​

Being married and older is linked to lower self-esteem​

Higher education and higher income are related to higher self-esteem Low socioeconomic status and low self-esteem are related

Living alone (without a significant other) is linked to low self-esteem​

Unemployment and disability contribute to lower self-esteem​

A more mature personality and emotional stability are linked to higher self-esteem​

Social norms (the importance of friends’ and family members’ opinions) about one’s body and exercise habits are negatively linked to self-esteem,​

Exercise, self-efficacy and self-fulfilment are positively linked to self-esteem ​

The Effects of Social Media: BEWARE​

  • Studies suggest that social media usage negatively impacts self-esteemThis effect is easy to understand. Humans are social creatures and need interaction with others to stay healthy and happy; however, we also use those around us as comparisons to measure and track our own progress in work, relationships, and life in general. Social media makes these comparisons easier than ever, but what is on social media is not representative of real life. 
  • We rarely see the sadness, the failure, and the disappointment that accompanies everyday human life; instead, we see a perfect picture, a timeline full of only good news, and short posts about achievements, accomplishments, and happiness.
  • You don’t need to give up social media in order to maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem – just use it mindfully and keep it in the right perspective. Use social media posts as inspiration and motivation rather than unhealthy comparison.

This video from Leo Gura at defines self-esteem, describes the elements of self-esteem, and the factors that influence self-esteem. He shares why self-esteem is important and how it can be developed and enhanced.