Topic 2 Group conflict

Individual conflict refers to an interpersonal incompatibility or differing perceptions such as a difference of opinions and/or an unmatched relationship in interacting with others.

Intra individual conflict is related to the goal a person wants to achieve and it’s of psychological nature.

The dilemma posed by internal conflict is usually some ethical or emotional question. Indicators of internal conflict would be a character’s hesitation or self-posing questions like “what was it I did wrong?”.

An internal conflict can also be a decision-making issue.

Inter individual conflict is related to the competition between individuals for achieving a position, promotion or resources.

You and your brother are in conflict to split the family’s heritage, because the place where you live is of property of your brother. Your place needs renovation. You ask at least one before leaving it but he doesn’t agree.

Recommendations for GROUPS: to...

Avoid trigger or provocative words

Use humor

Remain balanced

Try to empathize with the others

Measure stress situations

Be ready to forgive and forget

Seek compromise and avoid provocation