Topic 2 Communication models and listening in communication

Usually, the person with good communication skills is the one that wants to make sure that there are no understatements or quarrels present clarifying everything on time and making sure it is a safe and inclusive space.

Thanks to good communication people can develop themselves, learn new skills and exchange views on important topics. Effective communication occurs between people when the recipient understands the message as intended by the sender. In effective communication, the sender’s information accurately reflects his intentions, and the recipient’s interpretation coincides with the sender’s intentions. This is visible on the communication model presented below.

It is important to note, that good communication consists of not only speaking, but also listening. When communicating, we have to make sure, our interlocutors are given equal access to voice, can express their feelings freely and will be heard and understood. 

Communication differs depending on the fact with whom do we communicate. Therefore it is important to accordingly suit our communication techniques to the students we are communicating with during the lessons.