Topic 1 What is time management and how should we use it

Time management literally means the way we manage our time. Nevertheless, at present, the term of time management has been widely used in the area of personal development and in fact, besides managing your time, it implies managing your approach to yourself, to your family, friends, work and leisure activities performed during  that time.

In fact, time management helps us organize our time in an efficient way through a series of recommendations, procedures, tools and techniques. Some of these will be introduced later in the training.

Time management is a necessary skill of anyone coming from an “entity-governed sector” where others make decision on their behalf to the sector where we become the decision-makers.

Using time management tools efficiently can help us manage our lives in long-term perspectives and realize that it is only our decisions that guide our actions. In self management terms it means taking over the responsibility for any event or action.

People not knowing why they are doing something have no reason to search for ways leading to success; furthermore, own vision and ambitions are also of great importance as well as understanding why a certain activity is performed. This programme will help you draft your future plans, tasks to be carried out to achieve them and, furthermore, it will provide you with simple tips to manage it in as efficient way as possible.