Topic 1 The Importance of Training the Professionals

Professionals in jails and prisons are responsible for preparing (former) prisoners for re-entry. Also, in the eyes of the (former) prisoners, professionals are the representatives of the correctional and the educational system.

Therefore, they must have suitable educational and behavioural background in order to reflect aspiration and innovation in second chance schools or even in prison estates.

In this spirit, when it comes to the education of (former) prisoners, professionals should be appropriately trained in regards with the digital education so as to transmit this knowledge to their trainees.

However, most trainers and educators lack of the required skills and they are not able to renovate and bring up substantial improvements to rehabilitation education.

An essential step for the proper rehabilitation of the ex-offenders is the proper training of the professionals in and outside of prison.

Preparing the professionals for rehabilitation digital education

The proper and systematic training of the professionals is also supported and encouraged by the EU as an essential stage for the education and integration upgrading of former prisoners.

Their training should be formulated in the form regular of seminars/ webinars divided in training sessions, where the participants, who ideally may derive from different bodies/ organisations/ authorities, will have the opportunity to exchange ideas. 

After the completion of the training program, educators and professionals will:

-refresh and revitalise their ICT skills and digital competences,

-be familiarised with blended and online learning educational systems,

-sort the educational fields and areas giving a priority to ICT skills acquisition,

-create manuals and handbooks customized to their students needs renovating the existing books and manuals,

-receive special training in order to be able to steer and consult their students in regards with the ICTs use in their professional careers.