Topic 1 Choosing a new path

Everyone has needs and desires. When we are in a good place, those needs and desired drive us forward so that we address our needs or achieve our goals. 

Goals can vary from person to person, such as doing well, learning something new, having pride in ourselves, earning money, making and having good friends, being a role model for our children..

It is important that we can identify our needs and goals and what motivates us to achieve them. As we start on a new path, it is important the we are clear in what we want to achieve and need so that we can communicate this to others so that they can support us to make a change, change our behaviour and achieve our goals. 

Lets not forget, that is takes courage and a lot of dedication to ask for help and begin to turn our lives around and not fall back into old habits. 

Motivation to achieve varies but, more often than not, you can draw motivation from your family, religion and/or self-awareness, along with realising that there is more to life than what you may have experienced in the past. Options are available and help is on hand once you decide to make a change. 

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