Topic 1 Strategies that can be used to improve self-esteem using a CBT based approach.

Self-esteem is crucial in helping us to value and view ourselves positively. 

In this YouTube video, you will learn about six pillars that you can implement in your life to build your self esteem:

1.The practice of living consciously;

2.The practice of self-acceptance;

3.The practice of self-responsibility;

4.The practice of self-assertiveness;

5.The practice of living purposefully;

6.The practice of personal integrity.


CBT – or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – is a talking therapy that helps people to focus on changing the way they think and behave.

There are 3 main interconnected parts of the CBT Triangle, which helps them to think and behave differently

(1)Thought: Our thoughts affect our behaviours and our emotions. 

(2)Behaviour: Our behaviour affects our thoughts and our emotions.

(3)Emotions: Our emotions affect our thoughts and our  behaviour.

Can you recognise the difference between the two scenarios below:

  • I have a lot of challenges in my life, I feel stressed, and I act out.
  • I have a lot of challenges in my life, so I will accept these and do something to fix these challenges.