Topic 1 Recognize what and when to use them

Avoiding: to evade an issue.

When to use it >>> when there is no chance of getting what you want.

Accommodating: to satisfy someone else needs rather than yours.

When to use it >>> When it doesn’t matter which position is satisfied (yours or others’)

Competing to satisfy your needs and ignore others’

When to use it >>> When quick and decisive action is needed.

Compromising everybody’s needs are satisfied

When to use it >>> When two opponents with equal power perception of a sell out are strongly committed to mutually exclusive goals.

Collaborating the needs of the people involved in the conflict are all taken into consideration. 

When to use it >>> When there you need to merge insights from people of different perspectives on a problem

Conflict management styles features

At the heart of the different styles, compromising is the most efficient

High relationship orientation

Mutual problem solving

It accommodates everyone by finding a common need to be satisfied