Topic 1 Nutrition

Understanding the role of nutrition for our health

Healthy eating is important at all stages of our lives

A healthy diet contributes to:

  • Intake of all necessary nutrients for the development and proper functioning of the organization
  • Nutrient storage in case of some macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Prevention of health problems

Health issues related with bad eating habits:

Nutrition under low budget

  • Use a shopping list
  • Buy only what you need until next time you will go for shopping
  • Capitalize on “leftovers
  • Try cheaper brands
  • Include more vegetables
  • Cook with legumes, or consume eggs instead of meat, as they are an excellent source of protein at low cost
  • Freeze leftover bread
  • Know what you have in your fridge and kitchen store
  • Search for low budget recipes or recipes with very few ingredients – internet and YouTube is full of recipes for cheap meals
  • Prefer cooking instead of take-away food
  • Be aware of offers or discounts e.g. buy one get one for free