Topic 1 Intervention- Interpersonal

If the brain interprets a situation to be a threat, it sends a signal to the endocrine system and the endocrine system prepares the body for its fight-or-flight response.

If the brain interprets a situation to be safe, it doesn’t alert the endocrine system.

Genetics and experiences early in life determine how your brain will interpret different experiences, and you may perceive something to be a threat that someone else perceives to be perfectly safe.

 Influences of Stress on Biological Changes

  •  Autonomic nervous system and adrenal cortex system will increase secretion
  • Heart rate and blood pressure will increase – pupils will dilate – muscles will become tense
  • Respiration will increase
  • Rate of breathing and metabolism will increase
  • Glucose will increase

BIOLOGICAL Factors (Biological Model)

Spirituality - Calm - Wellbeing
Balance your Life (work-free time- Sleep
Increased every day physical activity
Take the Brushes and paint your life as YOU wish

Asserting yourself

Express ourselves is the most important communication skill that help us to communicate with other people and accept or deny an opinion, a decision, a statement and empower us to have the courage to say no when we should, yes when we want to. This communication skill help us to discuss with the others the basic human rights and the traditional incorrect assumptions.

 “Understand your role in the organization and focus best on projects aligned with goals”

Resolve conflicts

 Listening the others in energetic way is the key for easily conflict resolution. The first step is to try to understand the person that you are in conflict, and try to find alternative solutions and work with them


 Relationships are base in communication skills. Communications skills will help people get along better with co-workers, family, and friends helping them of being more confident and less stressful. In order to understand and improve our communication with the other we need to pay attention to both nonverbal and verbal communication.

Social support networking

 Everyone need social support, is a need of belonging, of being accepted, of being loved or of being needed. Social support can be provided by. Family members, friends, lovers and or anyone can give social support and can help and protect an individual from the negative consequences of stress.

Perception intervention

 Change is a process that succeed more when you are positive and change the negative self-talks to the positive one. If you think negative use thought stopping and reorganize your thinking

 “Look at things from another point of view, in a positive “

 “Objective way in order to find solutions“

 “(6) you can also see it  (9) depends from which side you look at it“