Topic 1 Formulating the correct message

The first key to effective communication is the first impression. It can influence our whole interaction with specific people. Our outfit and the way we behave can greatly influence the way we are perceived by other people. That is why, the first impression is very crucial.

It is vital that we are always presenting ourselves in a positive way, with confidence and specific behaviour. Nonverbal signs such as a relaxed, open stance as well as eye contact can result in others feeling better in your companion encouraging them to speak and listen to you.

Formulating the correct message is vital in a communication process as it increases the probability of our interlocutors understanding it. Some of the important points to include are:

  • A high degree of accuracy in formulating information, expectations and emotions
  • A clear goal, the main points of the message
  • Orderly, logical flow of information
  • Commitment, enthusiasm of speech
  • Style matched to the recipient
  • Grammatical correctness
  • Monitoring the degree of understanding