Topic 1 Factors influencing our time management

Sometimes we are not able to manage our time, we feel under pressure and in stress. There is a wide range of factors preventing us from fulfilling our goals as we would wish, one of them being so-called “time-wasters”.

Time-wasters include for example our incapacity to make schedules and set priorities, inability to meet the deadlines and/or inability to say “No” to requirements placed by other people, lack of system in performing our activities (doing more things at a time), the sense of indispensability, too much attention paid to a single activity, lack of discipline.

Other time-wasters include external factors we fail to eliminate (or ignore), such as noise, phone calls, attendance at inefficient meetings, etc.

The chart below provides some tips how to fight against your time-wasters

Activity: Draft a list of your “time-wasters”

Each of us has a favourite list of disturbances and obstacles preventing us to stick to the schedule, yer it is important to give them a name.

We can control only the things we understand. Note them down in the table below and try to come up with ideas to prevent or cope with them.