Test your time management

For many of us, time tends to be scaring. While there are numerous opportunities to spend your free time, we are burdened with various tasks, instructions as well as endless stimuli, information, data and messages coming from various sources. It might seem difficult to control it all despite all the help provided to save our time. Go through the test below to find out how good time managers you are.

Please, match the relevant number with each statement depending on to what extent you approve with its contents (1 stands for “never” while 4 stands for “always”).


14 – 25  You seem to be using your time as well as you can and have good scheduling skills. You can move forward and make use of methods that can be applied both at work and at home. Make use of your skills and try to improve your “work-life balance”. Daily time management is one thing, how about looking at long-term goals as regards your leisure time, health and well-being? Do you find sufficient time for relaxation and reflection? How about making a list of future projects you can start working on today?

26 – 38  You see the importance of scheduling and being well organized to be efficient in time management. To perform better, you should try setting your own pace and respecting it. You will feel less need to get back to your tasks, adapt and modify them.

39 – 56  Try slowing down, relax more and reflect. Start your own time management by reserving some time for yourself. Perhaps you should learn how to say positive-toned NO to requirements of other people. Keeping time for yourself will benefit you as much as drafting your to-do list. Start doing your time-management routine already now, you will see big improvements in your health, well-being and finally you will get much more of the way you spend your time.