disagreement, differences, contradiction

Contextual definition

situation with incompatible goals, cognitions, or emotions (within or between individuals/groups) leading towards opposition or antagonistic interaction.

“Conflicting” words

SYNONYMS for conflict

differ, disagree, disturb, vary, brawl, clash, collide, combat, contend, contest, disaccord, jar, mismatch, interfere, fight, disharmonize, discord, oppose, romp, scrap slug, strive, struggle tangle, bump heads with, cross swords with, run against

CONTRARIES to conflict

tide, square off with peace, truce, agreement, calm, harmony, surrender, accord, concord, stability

Conflict exists when a person has a need that is not being met

The Resolution of Conflict

Expressing the need

Finding out if the need can or cannot be met

IF yet (there is a solution)

IF no (NO: negotiate/manage the conflict)

If a conflict is hard to solve, you may need help, involving a neutral third party to help you mediate the dispute.

Conflict curve theory - stages

  • Latent conflict: hiding a potential conflict.
  • Emergent conflict: potential conflict becomes an actual one
  • Conflict escalation: conflict increases very much over the time
  • Hurting: tension generated from the conflict hurts the parties
  • De-escalation: tension decreases, where the dispute becomes a reflection on different needs
  • Conflict settlements: interests in conflict are allocated and a – compromise is found
  • Post-conflict: agreement is reached