SYNONYMS for conflict

differ, disagree, disturb, vary, brawl, clash, collide, combat, contend, contest, disaccord, jar, mismatch, interfere, fight, disharmonise, discord, oppose, romp, scrap slug, strive, struggle tangle, bump heads with, cross swords with, locks homs with, run against tide, square off with

ANTONYMS for conflict

peace, truce, agreement, calm, harmony, surrender, accord, concord, stability

Introduction to Conflict and Resolution of conflict

  • The essence of conflict seems to be disagreement, difference of opinions, contradiction, or incompatibility. Conflict is difficult to define, because it occurs in many different settings. 
  • Thus, CONFLICT refers to any situation in which there are incompatible Goals, Cognitions, or Emotions within or between individuals or groups that lead to opposition or antagonistic interaction. The conflict can last days, weeks, months or years. It exists when a person has a need of another and that need is not being met. The RESOLUTION OF CONFLICT starts from here, expressing the need and finding out if the need can or cannot be met. If yes, you will have a solution to the conflict; otherwise, you will have to negotiate or to manage the conflict. Avoid the dangers of the conflict! Don’t be afraid and/or aggressive, stressed or angry. If a conflict is hard to solve, you may need help, involving a neutral third party to help you mediate the dispute.

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Conflict curve theory - stages

  • Latent conflict is the situation that hide a potential conflict.
  • Emergent conflict is a situation where the potential conflict becomes an actual conflict.
  • Conflict escalation is a situation where the conflict increases very much over the time. You may be in open conflict with someone else or get in strong disagreement. You feel angry, agitated, stressed and so on.
  • Hurting means than the tension generated from the conflict hurted the parties involved in the conflict.
  • De-escalation or negotiation is a situation where the tension decreases, where the dispute becomes a reflection on different needs or points of view.
  • Conflict settlement is a situation where the interests in conflict are allocated and a compromise can be found.
  • Conflict resolution/post conflict is a situation where an agreement is reached among two or more people who were in disagreement. A peaceful solution solves a dispute that generated tension and stress.