Unit 2 – Implementation of copies response based in individual needs

This part will review about how people cope with stress and how such efforts are related to psychological, social adaptation and physical health. In doing so, will draw on coping and self regulation techniques.

Coping consists of activities undertaken to master, reduce, or tolerate environmental or intrapsychic demands perceived as representing potential threat, existing harm, or loss (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). Self-regulation is defined as the process through which people realize their action change their perception of their actions and try to control, direct, and correct their own actions as they move toward or away from their goals (Carver, 2001; Carver & Scheier, 1998).

Although this part focus to provide the readers with Knowledge in order to uunderstand their role in stress manadement,  recognize the importance of communication skills, skills of conflict resolution their perception and their cognition about stress and how this is affecting their action to manage it. In addition the readers will have the opportunity to learn how their  emotions, thoughts, and behaviors affect their actions.


At the end of this module you should be able to :

  1. Recognize the need in order to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent or address problems deriving from stress
  2. Cope with stressors
  3. Learn the Biological Factors – Learn how to be Physically Fit-  The process Fight or Flight
  4. Learn and recognize Behavioral Factors – (Remove – Change – Accept)
  5. Recognize the Coping Process
  6. Enhance skills of positive behavior adaptation addressing the negative effects of stress 
  7. Understand the role of behavior in stress
  8. Understand what is the cognitive behavior therapy and how will help them to cope with negative thoughts
  9. To be able to use problem solving techniques
  10. Hierarchy their needs and apply the right techniques according to the need of individual