Unit 1 – Recognize the need for comprehensive approach to prevent or addresses stress problem

This Unit refers to knowledge, skills and attitudes about stress and how it affects the individual. An event is perceived as a stressor if it involves harm or loss that has already occurred, a threat of some future danger, or a challenge to be overcome.

This Module will express the correlation between positive stress and constructive behavior and negative stress and reconstructive behavior. The difference between an  optimist and a pessimist view point and the difference behavior due to personal characteristics, working environment, psychosocial aspects, previous experience etc. Participants will be asked to distinguish whether stress presents an opportunity or risk. They will gain knowledge how to manage stressful situations by placing stressors in categories, learning more about the stressor cycle process. Moreover during this process the participants will have the opportunity to practice on stress issues and case studies, and answer relevant questions that will help them to better understand the context.

Finally, evaluation questions will help to understand knowledge that participant have gained through this module.