Time Management

Last updated: November 22, 2022

Learning Objectives

Welcome to the Module 2: Time Management

  • The course looks at work-related, personal and social competencies in the field of time management. It provides basic theory overview in the field as well as a set of practical instructions and exercises for efficient time management. The main learning objectives are:
  • to learn what the term “time management“ means and will be able to implement it in their lives.
  • to define and set their goals and how to formulate these correctly.
  • to analyze their goals and make a list of their goals and activities to fulfill them.
  • to discover different methodologies and principles for scheduling and prioritizing the time.
  • to be able to use priority-based scheduling in practice.
  • to understand personal and external factors with impact on time management.
  • to identify the time-wasters and test the personal rhythm.
  • To understand the reason and consequence of stress and its impact on time management and to master how to prevent it our own scheduling.