Тема 2 Какво представлява стресът

Most of the environmental event are perceived and appraised as a stressor to be concerned about or as a harmless or irrelevant stimulus refers to this stage of the process as primary appraisal. According to Lazarus usually an event is perceived as a stressor if it includes  harm or loss that has already happened, a threat of some future danger (danger that will arrive), or a challenge to be overcome. This could demonstrate your personal commitment to the safety process and allow you to collect diverse opinions (Lazarus 1966, 1991)

 “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”—Will Rogers

How an event is perceived as Stressful

Harm is the results of an event. For example, if you oversleep and miss an important business meeting, the damage is done. (it means that there is nothing that you can do in order to change the event)

Threat is how we assess potential future harm from the event). For example missing a meeting could lower your team’s opinion of you your status and your impact to your coworkers and reduce your opportunity to get actively involved in a new process

Challenge is our appraisal of how well we can eventually benefit or profit from the damage done. For example you could perceive missing the meeting as an opportunity to learn from one-on one discussions with coworkers and gain the opportunity to learn more about yourself and about their opinion for your work or learn things that you have to change in order to increase and IMPOVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AND YOUR EFFECTIVENESS

How an event is perceived as a Stressor event

Positive stressors – When the stressor perceived as an opportunity to learn more about the event, the person can gain knowledge that will empower their future action. It can also lead to commitment with a subsequent positive outcome on self and team work.(Lazarus and Folkman, 1984), 

Negative stress and destructive behavior – When the stressor event is perceived as a threat or something that will cause harm to you or others, it can potentially lead to inactivity. Threat leading to inaction is a behaviour which is destructive for self and team.

Is the stress danger or opportunity?

Stress can cause both…



The outcomes of which depend on STRESS  MANAGEMENT

Please try to answer this question according your circumstances that you are facing and try to support your answer with arguments

  1. Why and when the stress can be a danger ?
  2. Why and when the stress can be an opportunity?
  3. Under which circumstances the stress can be danger for the employee?
  4. Under which circumstances the stress can be an opportunity?
  5. What happen if you understood the stress as a danger and what happen if you understood it as an opportunity what’s the difference between them ?

Diagnosing Discomfort

Flight: the people who trying to flight away from the problem are those who wait to see what will happen after an event. They usually do not do anything to change or remove the barriers/resolve the issue

Fight: The person wants to find a solution immediately and fast in order to finish quickly with the event that causes the problem