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Rehabilitation approaches for providing former prisoners with personal development and society entry CHANCEs.

RECHANCE proposes resources, tools and training programmes that work to empower former prisoners and combat the social obstacles that they face due to stigmatisation and social exclusion. Throughout the course of the RECHANCE project, project partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, and Italy are working with former prisoners to offer curriculums, resources and tools that will support them with their reintegration into society on personal, social, and professional levels.

The RECHANCE project provides a curriculum, learning components toolbox, training digital tools, and an Adaptation Guidelines Handbook that offers various resources for former prisoners. Through these tools and an e-learning platform, the target group will be able to improve their competencies in life skills development, ICT skills, communication, networking, stress management, responsibility, time management, conflict resolution and social survival.


Provide former prisoners with skills and knowledge which are essential for their personal development and social re-entry into society.

Empower them with real life reflections and competencies towards their social interactions.

Foster their rehabilitation process through tailored learning materials, tools, and resources

Enhance trainers’ capacity on how to develop life skills amongst this learner group through innovative solutions and inclusive pedagogy paradigms.

Define for trainers a clear and comprehensive training approach for tackling the diverse background and individual needs of former prisoners.

Digitize the quality learning content in order to increase the quality of adult education provision for this learner group.



Curriculum & Learning Components Toolbox


Training digital tools.


The Adaptation Guidelines Handbook.

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